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Charly Boy ....The Street Warrior With A Cause


Mr. Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, aka Charly boy is perhaps one of the most celebrated personality brands in the contemporary Nigerian entertainment industry.

His hold on Nigerian affection is firm and unshakable.

Few celebrities in Nigeria can compete with his glamour or distinctive ability to connect with ordinary people.

Charly boy as fondly called by his teeming fans is not only a musician, entertainer, journalist, an Author, a social engineer but also a social critic. There seem an edifying philosophy that powers his career, which border on non-violent activism and consistent social pressure on establishments to make things good. In some quarters, he is viewed as a devoted crusader for social justice due to his relentless participation in purposeful activism. To this end, he is regarded as “speaker of the house of the masses”.

In other circles, Charly Boy is viewed as the “general of the peoples army” fighting assiduously to liberate the poor masses from flagrant elitist oppression. Furthermore, he is considered as the “minister of change” because he challenges the status quo, and advocates positive change in Nigeria and Africa as a continent. This big hearted and imaginative entertainer is a man that contemplates in a way that transcends the moment.

In the art and entertainment sub-sector few Nigerians like Charly boy has established regional and continental pedigree that is only second to non-befitting a world star.

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa was born into a privileged parental background. He was sufficiently opportuned to acquire the best formal education the world could offer. Being the son of one of Africa’s legal lumarie, leading jurist and former Supreme Court judge [justice Chukwudifu Oputa], it was only logical that the best legacy Hon. Justice Oputa his father could bequeath to his son and a worthy representative of the next generation was mental empowerment through quality western education.

Charly boy studied in the prestigious, Suffolk University, Harvard University, and concluded with a masters degree in mass communication [msc] in Emerson University all in the United States of America. But inspite of these towering academic exposures, Charly boy never hesitates to attribute his great success so far to the rugged training he acquired in what he calls the street Univeristy. His pedigree not withstanding, he has never reneged from his drive to help others that are not as fortunate as he, in Nigeria. He is not only visionary or enigmatic but he constitutes a reliable voice for the voiceless and downtrodden, propagating a message of change and hope to an eroding generation that must not be ignored.

The Charly boy foundation has continually assisted many under privileged Nigerians, and equally has set moral tones for his generation through his various projects of social activism.

In a brutally soul-less clime where those whom providence has been kind to rarely remember those struggling to climb, Charly boy has been a remarkable positive force of his generation. Through his highly visible life, he has shown that Nigeria is not short of noble men. As a youth leader, a mentor and an inspiration to millions of youths, Charly boy has always demonstrated great confidence in the ability of the Nigerian youth, and dreams of a continent where the young ones will not only grow to take up their rightful place in society or realize their dreams, developing a sense of purpose and experiencing their own success, learning from their mistakes, giving deeper insight to themselves and above all saying “NO” to every shadow of negativity and entrenching the right moral values towards the building of their own positive tomorrow.

His talk show ZOOM TIME is a programme that was widely syndicated in Nigeria, Africa and Europe that elucidates and informs, drawing the attention of policy makers and has been setting tones in leadership imperative, getting men and women of influence to answer burning questions. That makes them account for their private and public deeds.

Charly boys humanitarian activities has already succeeded in helping many youths to discover their potentials. An example is his personal donation of over 400 commercial motorcycles to the under privileged Nigerians assisting them to jumpstart their own transportation business in Nigeria, furthermore, to ensure their safety, he has also been organizing safety orientation workshops and seminars for those cyclists. He is considered a life patron and the most visible spokesperson for the commercial motorcycles in Nigeria [okada] with an army of over 5million riders.

Charly boy is a robust optimist, a sound motivational speaker with a contagious inspirational appeal. He has always demonstrated great confidence in the ability of the Nigerian youth in our institute of higher learning. Feeling concerned about the turbulence in the history of Nigerian educational institution especially from 1993. His efforts has been geared towards addressing thematic areas peculiar in Nigerian Universities, like, cultism, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, violence, etc, imploring them to say “NO” to every shadow of negativity.

The brand through his instrumentality of the Charly boy foundation has been able to reach out to the market women. As a constituency, it seeks to impact positively. Thus, Charly boy advocates that what ever happens to the market woman affects Nigeria and Nigerians .He has been able to open up talks with them where they display their dis- pleasure over certain issues affecting their trade.

A one time President of the Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria [PMAN] did a lot to sanitize the music industry. It was during his tenure that the corporate world started to pay attention to creativity and the artiste community, evolved the idea of holding annual summits aimed at tackling their common problems. He provided a sound and charismatic leadership for the Nigerian house of music.

His role in showcasing the plight of military pensioners turned beggars on the streets of the capital city of Nigeria [Abuja] who had assembled in Abuja agitating for their legitimate due, resonated all over the country. Overwhelmed by compassion, the brand through his protest of the inhuman treatment marched on the streets, which facilitated the speedy payment of their pension.

Having done charity well at home, Charly boy through his foundation is taking charity across Africa and abroad with the aim of keeping African youths engaged in their countries to develop them with their energies of youth. The Elope To Europe project which the CharlyBoy foundation be gone 2years now is a true testament of a mans’ passion towards the betterment of humanity. The elope to Europe project has been tackling the problems of Nigerians and Africans who illegally elope to Europe all in the hope of a better life but end up in the shackles of poverty. The brand has taken care of the first step which focuses on sensitizing the eloped ones. Nigerians everywhere will never stop feeling the impact of the brand in their life.

Mr. Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa is a man that not even the world can ignore